About Us - Mining TAG
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We develop and implement technological solutions for monitoring, automation and optimization to improve the safety, operation and productivity of our clients.

We work with sensors to obtain automatic data, creating visualization systems and automatic control according to the requirements of each operation.

Due to our experience in chilean market, we have positioned ourselves as a technological benchmark in the marketplace, providing reliable solutions at reasonable costs.



Protect and take care of the integrity and health of our workers is our priority.


Our work and solutions are high quality, searching a constant excellence.


We dare to accept challenges and look for new solutions permanently.


The development of teamwork is fundamental. The work environment and recognition is essential in Mining TAG.

Customer experience

We search the satisfaction of our customers in long-term relationships through flexibility and understanding their needs



Corfo has awarded five of our projects, which have been a valuable contribution to generate innovative solutions, based on state-of-the-art technology and developed locally, which has allowed us to continue growing, increasing our capabilities and expanding our product portfolio.

Small business category by Fundación Carlos Vial Espantoso and in Preventive Management by the Chilean Security Association, ACHS.

Development of MT Loops solution has given us  the national Innovation Award (AVONNI, 2016), a recognition for the contribution to intelligent mining in national region.


2017 Award  to Innovation and technological innovation category thanks to development of  intelligent traffic control system, called MT Traffic.

Global Award

Recognition worldwide as the best implementation in the other industries category (2018). The award was obtained in cooperation with Codelco because of the impact on productivity that MT Loops solution has had in El Teniente Division.


We have certification in Safety, Quality and Environment Management under OHSAS 18.001, ISO 9.001 and ISO 14.001 standards.

iso 14001- 2015
iso 9001-2015


A world leader enterprise in RFID innovation. They stand out in security and optimization for mining, oil and marine industries, among others.

A world leader in the design, control and optimization of ventilation on demand.

This renowned global technology provider has a data transmission network specially designed for underground mining.

Provider of automation and embedded elements, recognized globally for its high quality equipment.

Provides ruggedized hardware and software solutions for real-time gathering, transmitting, and analyzing equipment and sensor data.